In this elucidating, provocative and useful book, Richie Manu provides a powerful roadmap for defining your brand, developing your own voice and standing out amidst the crowd. Well-researched, engaging and eminently practical, this is a fantastic manual for anyone wishing to redefine and propel themselves, whichever stage of their life or career.

Nathalie Nahai – The Web Psychologist

You gotta love a book with chapter headings such as ‘Curiosity Didn’t Kill the Cat’ and ‘Ditch Noddy – Date the Devi’s Advocate’. What Richie seems to be excellent at is putting big daunting things in perspective and in bite-size chunks – for any professional re-thinking their career is more or less the same as completely re-thinking their life; but in this book, it all translates into simply taking practical and achievable steps that quite naturally lead to a more rewarding future.

Sasha Damjanovski – Filmmaker and Writer

I’ve read a million books on branding but never one on personal branding. So I was very interested to see how it differs from the professional practice of launching and relaunching products, organisations and services…This book shows that the same rules apply to making yourself more likely to succeed in our ever increasingly competitive environment.

Simon Manchipp – Founder, SomeOne

It gave me such drive and courage! Brilliant! Highly recommended.


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