Throughout our careers, change is inevitable. As we pass and navigate around key landmarks, and as the roles and responsibilities change, so must we. Rebranding and reinventing yourself to adapt to new environments is essential in order to face new challenges, targets and prospects.

‘You: Rebranded’ explores unconventional thinking and practice by providing creative methods and strategies to stand out, be distinctive and be equipped for change in our careers.

This book is filled with tools that enable you to think and act differently throughout your career.

Key subjects, features and take aways include:

Understanding how technology and digital had changed the way we think and do things differently

Quashing myths by taking a fresh look at conventional perspectives

Knowing your industry to give you a competitive edge

Developing strategies and techniques to become more distinctive

Becoming more aware of the vocabulary you use to describe yourself

Adopting fresh perspective on the notion of challenge, failure and success

Exploring how curiosity increases opportunities

Understanding the importance of both experience and connectivity to increase prospects

Identifying how to make your skills and abilities future proof and relevant to more industries

Creating an appreciation of your support network

Learning the importance of being optimized to support your career of business development

Delivered in two main parts (ReThink and ReAct), part one provides thought-provoking and abstract perspectives that help you to rethink conventional practice. Part two then delivers proven practical methods and strategies to apply to make you distinctive.

The book also contain manageable tasks that ensure that you are applying what you read.As well as exclusive interviews with leaders in their respective fields, the book also serves as a signpost to other essential related material.

While framed within the context of creativity, it is targeted at a wide market from graduates entering the job market, to startups and enterprises. Target audience include:

Individuals at the start of careers seeking employment

Established professionals within jobs but seeking promotion

Start-ups and entrepreneurs

Existing businesses exploring ways to stand out from competitors

Students and Graduates entering the job market or starting their own businesses

Available from:

Book publishers: Crown House Publishing and Independent Thinking Press